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teen smoking marijuana

Every Day 4,700 Kids Smoke Pot for the First Time...

Will your kid be next?

Today's drug culture teaches kids that:

  1. Drugs are good
  2. There is no real harm in using drugs
  3. Drugs only stay in the body for 30 days

This false information is what fosters temptation and ultimately leads to drug addiction.

The time to act is NOW, before drug addiction becomes a problem.

Research shows that spending time with your kids and talking to them about drugs are proven strategies for preventing drug abuse.

But what will you say when they ask questions like...

  • "Didn't you do drugs back when you were young?"
  • "What is alcohol made from?"
  • "What is a drug? Isn't it medicine?"

Need answers?

Get the Friends of Narconon Family Drug Education Kit!

For over 40 years Narconon has been helping families by providing them with the truth about drugs. These drug education DVDs are easy to understand and proven to have a positive impact on kids. KIT INCLUDES:

The Truth About Drugs: What Is It DVD drug education video
Length: 1:12 min.
Format: DVD

The Truth About Drugs: What Is It?

Educates young kids about alcohol and the media and the influences the media has on you. They’ll also learn how drugs actually effect the mind. It’s fun and entertaining while at the same time providing a serious message at a level young kids will relate to! For ages 8-12.

Marijuana The Myth DVD drug education video
Length: 1:20 min.
Format: DVD

Marijuana The Myth

Uncovers common myths about Marijuana. Find out just how long drugs actually stay in the body and how they effect someone over a long period of time. You’ll hear from former drug users about how Marijuana took them down the dark side of drugs. and how these former users managed to get out of their situations. For ages 13 and up.

Special Bonus Offer

As part of this special drug education offer you will receive absolutely FREE:

Xstasy The Real Story Parts 1 and 2 VHS drug education videos
Length: 120 minutes
Format: VHS

Platinum Winner of the 2006 Aurora Awards

The award winning 2 VHS set of...

"Xstasy the Real Story"

A powerful blend of education, drama and real-life stories reveals secrets about the drug MDMA (Methylene-Dioxy-Methamphetamine) commonly known as Ecstasy. You'll find TRUE answers to these common questions:

  • What are the real effects of Ecstasy?
  • What "techniques" are used to get kids to buy it?
  • What happens to your memories when you take Ecstasy?
  • What causes that down feeling, or depression?
  • Why does brain damage happen?

These videos reveal a side to this drug never shown before. You'll hear former dealers and users tell the truth about Ecstasy. Plus you'll see how a dealer's life goes spiraling out of control revealing secrets you're not supposed to know!

Also included is a Bonus DVD with two features:

  • Why Kids Take Drugs
    This video provides an inside look at what teenagers won't tell their parents about taking drugs and, most importantly, why they do it. For Adults.
  • Why Parents Are the Last to Know
    This video provides parents with an inside look into the world of teenagers and the challenges they face. More importantly you'll discover, as told from many different teenagers, why they know parents are the last to know about their kids drug problem. You will be shocked at what you find out! For Adults.

When you order your Family Drug Education Kit today, you will get:

  1. Truth About Drugs DVD (regularly $47)
  2. Marijuana the Myth DVD (regularly $47)
  3. Xstasy the Real Story Part 1 VHS (regularly $47)
  4. Xstasy the Real Story Part 2 VHS (regularly $47)
  5. Bonus DVD: Why Kids Take Drugs, Why Parents Are the Last to Know

That's 5 videos -- all for one low price of only $97!

We'll even throw in FREE SHIPPING!

buy now

If you purchased all of these videos separately, the cost would be double!

Even more importantly, think of the heartache it will save your family. (See Cycle of Addiction) These videos have already helped thousands of families across the country. Read what some students say about the Friends of Narconon Family Drug Education Kit:

"I knew that the drug could kill you, but I didn't know that it would take a person over."
10th Grade Student
"This video is extremely powerful, meaningful and educational. It was an eye-opener not only for me but the rest of the class as well."
9th Grade Student
"This video hit home. It helps teenagers know what they are getting themselves into."
11th Grade Student
"It was shocking to hear the after effects of ecstasy and things that happen to you."
10th Grade Student
"I didn't know about how the media can disguise drugs and promote it in a way that no one can know."
10th Grade Student
"It was eye-opening and resourceful. It taught me the consequences of ecstasy."
9th Grade Student

Order your Friends of Narconon Family Drug Education Kit right now and stop the heartache of drug abuse before it ever starts.

buy now

ONLY $97 and you get FREE SHIPPING!

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