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School Sponsorship Program


Friends of Narconon is a non-profit public benefit organization that specializes in providing factual, up-to-date information about drugs for school kids. Over the past 20 years our ground-breaking presentations have been researched, refined and presented in an entertaining, yet educational way. Now they are on video. Our current goal is to reach all the kids in public schools across America and throughout the world with our video program. It’s fast, easy and results are guaranteed!

Here’s how the program works.

  1. You identify which area - State and/or City - that you are interested in sponsoring.
  2. You decide how many schools within that specific area you would like to sponsor.
  3. Make your donation for the number of schools you sponsored.

Then Friends of Narconon does this:

  1. We contact the schools in the area you sponsored.
  2. We get the teacher to register with Friends of Narconon, agreeing to show the video.
  3. We send them their Educator’s kit.
  4. We do follow up to monitor results.


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School Sponsorship Program Guidelines

Materials Provided

Elementary School: The Truth About Drugs Educators Kit consists of two videos, one guidebook and a survey pack. The guidebook has a series of practical lesson plans designed for teachers to copy and pass out to students for assignments. The guidebook also contains updated information on drugs, including a glossary of drug terms, educator tips on talking to kids about drugs and more. Our Elementary kit includes two videos and a set of booklets titled 10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs.

Middle or High School: Marijuana The Myth Educators Kit consists of the videos, "Marijuana The Myth" and  "Truth About Drugs Video Series 3A for Grades 9-12" for students and "Truth About Kids & Drugs" for educators, a guidebook, and survey pack. The guidebook includes an up-to-date section on Marijuana, lesson plans  tailored to the Marijuana The Myth Video, a full glossary of drug terms, common questions students have about drugs (and the answers for them), and more.

High School: Xstasy The Real Story Educators Kit consists of the latest release videos, "Xstasy The Real Story Part 1" (Part 2 to be released soon), Educators' Guidebook Second Edition, lesson,  Xtasy The Real Story Poster and instruction sheet.

Educator Registration

In order to qualify to receive an educator kit, the Health Teacher (or equivalent) must completely fill out their information and sign and return our registration form. This qualifies them for a free kit. This also allows us to update our records for that school with current contact information. The only requirement the teachers have is that if they decide to show the video, they agree to have students fill out the surveys and send them back. Some schools cannot do surveys, in this case as long as they register they get their kit.

Standard Actions

Intensive follow up with the teachers is done to ensure they show the video and send back the student surveys. All viewing reports, survey returns, follow up mailings or other correspondence is maintained in our National School Database which is thoroughly updated on a routine basis.

Each Educators’ Kit is sent with a slip identifying the Sponsor — if the sponsor wishes. This allows the educator the opportunity to thank the sponsor and also helps to foster a sense of community with the teachers and students. It also elevates the importance of our program because it is supported by community members.

Program Administration

There can be no absolute guarantee that a specific school requested to be sponsored will actually register. Some schools are prohibited from doing surveys and may be reluctant to register.

Every effort will be made on our part to get all schools signed up and participating. Currently 12-15% of all schools contacted on the first round sign up. We also do phone contacts to increase registrations. Teachers are very interested in our information and are eager to get it.


  • Each kit sponsored will reach more than 4,000 students over a 5 to 10 year period.
  • Currently over 5,000 schools in the United States are participating in this program.
  • School year 2004-2005 reached more than 1.4 million students nation wide.

A majority of students viewing the videos have reported significant attitude change about drugs and their perception of risk in trying drugs is on the rise. (Previously kids had not perceived drug use as that risky.)

Progress Reports

The focus of our campaign is in the actual results from the showing of our videos to students. This is done by the teachers themselves. While we make every effort to get teachers registered, this process is an ongoing process throughout any delivery program cycle.

Feedback from some schools may be sent from time to time as it comes in, but is currently not in any routine report schedule. However, every effort will be made to keep the sponsor informed of results and successes reported back from the teachers.


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