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Methamphetamines are called the Devil's drug or Hitler's revenge for good reason.

While it is uncomfortable to face the evils of this drug, life for methamphetamine users and their families, is far more uncomfortable if the drug use does not stop.

Life will become a living hell.

Like it or not, families must deal with the hard core facts of methamphetamine abuse and the trail of devastation left behind if we are to prevent the coming of a new "Ice Age."

Inform yourself of these basic facts about methamphetamines as written below.

And remember, if you are affected by this drug in any way, we can help.


What are Methamphetamines?

Methamphetamines have stimulant properties similar to adrenaline.

They stimulate the central nervous system by creating toxic effects on nerve terminals and are extremely addictive.

Methamphetamines may be known as meth, crank, glass, speed, crystal, ice, batu, chalk, or zin.

They are produced and sold illegally in pill form, capsules, powder and chunks.


The Effects and Signs of Methamphetamine Use

If you see any of these symptoms in a family member, get help immediately.
Anxiety, stress and paranoia
Auditory and visual hallucination
Crashing (Sleeping for longer period of time.)
Decreased appetite leading to severe weight loss and emaciation
Glassy eyes and large pupils
High doses can elevate body temperature to dangerous, sometime lethal, levels as can cause convulsion.
Irritability and aggressive behavior - or "downright mean."
Long catatonic like sleep after long periods of being awake
Nervous physical activity (scratching)
Paraphernalia (razor blades, mirrors, straws, syringes, heated spoons, surgical tubing)
Profuse sweating at inappropriate times
Rapid heart rate - sometimes over 180 per minute
Rotting teeth
Sensitivity to noise
Sores all over the body
Tremors or convulsions

In an effort to intensify the desired effects, users may take higher does of the drug, take more frequently, or change their method of drug intake.

In some cases, methamphetamine users forego food and sleep while indulging in a meth "run."





After the effects of methamphetamine wears off, it can cause severe withdrawal that is more intense and longer lasting than both speed and cocaine.

These withdrawal symptoms can include depression, anxiety, fatigue, paranoia, aggression and an intense craving for the drug.

The person can go into a catatonic like sleep for days, and are almost impossible to wake up when they are in this state.


Extent of Use and Effects in Society

Like an evil spirit, meth is sweeping through the country, tearing families apart and leaving a trail of violence and tears taking over entire towns such as Granite Falls Missouri and Indian reservations throughout the West and Midwest.

There are 12,139 meth labs in the United States and the possibility for fires and explosions is extremely high.

Meth cooks are often untrained and very reckless when making meth and this often leads to explosions and fires that kill families and the people involved.
People who live close to these labs also encounter the risk of being exposed to hazardous chemicals and fumes.

The chemicals found at these sites are very potent and can enter the central nervous system (CNS).

Once the chemicals have entered the CNS, they may cause neural damage and affect the liver and kidneys.

Leftover chemicals and by-products are often poured down drains in plumbing, storm drains, or even directly onto the ground.

These toxic substances can remain in the soil and groundwater for years.

The contaminated soil that is usually incinerated dramatically increases the cost of cleanup.

The cost of cleaning up a lab site can range from $5000 to as much as $150,000.

6.2 percent of high school students report use of methamphetamine

12.3 million Americans, 12 and older have tried methamphetamine.

59 percent of substance abuse treatment admissions are for meth abuse

Meth babies spend their first weeks asleep, some barely waking to feed.

Within four to six weeks, they begin crying uncontrollably, irritated by normal sounds and lights.


Are you ready to do something about the situation? What You Can Do

The first thing you can do is get someone you love who is taking methamphetamines into the Narconon of Georgia program - rehab that works.

The Narconon program addresses the biophysical aspects of addiction through a sauna exercise program.

The purpose of this program is to purge the body of drug residues, thus greatly reducing or completely removing cravings. This is accomplished through an exact regimen.

Once the addict is thinking clearly the Narconon program moves through a series of specialized course to help the addict recognize addiction life-style and thought processes.

Life skills are learned to ensure the addict has the tools to stay clean and develop a new, drug-free way of life.


Specifically the following skills are learned:

The ability to study with enhancement of reading and comprehension skills.

The ability to communicate - i.e. receive and understand communication and deliver understandable communication.

Knowledge of ethics, morals and personal integrity and the ability to make good choices in life.

The ability to recognize relationships that have adversely affected one in the past, giving fresh guidelines for the future.

The skill required to inspect areas of life and repair them.

For more information on our program go to

The Narconon program was founded by William Benetiz, a long time drug addict who realized after reading the book FUNDAMENTALS OF THOUGHT by L. Ron Hubbard that it was possible to overcome addiction by becoming stronger and more able personally.

Another thing you can do is get educated on methamphetamines yourself and become vocal with your local legislature and police department.

Let them know that this epidemic must be stopped - something can and must be done to halt the devastation caused to communities and families by methamphetamines.

There are some very good publications available on the subject and Narconon staff can help make those available to you and your community.

Become part of the team that is doing something about it.



When I first got into this program I didn't know what to expect.

I heard a lot of different things about it and the one thing that I did know was I was ready.

Going through this program was extremely intense at times.

From all of the re-stimulations I was having.

Because my body was saturated with toxins.

To me if wasn't just getting the built up residuals out of my body.

It also flushed me of all my negative emotions that I have been holding on to for a long time now.

It helped me get back in top physical condition and that skyrocketed my confidence back to were it used to be.

It strengthened my spirituality to the point where my soul aura is a thousand different colors and WHOLE again, and last but not least it cleared my head out completely and my mind is strong and sharp a razor.

Not only did it do all these wonderful things to me inside and out.

I am honored to have been apart to the great things that Narconon is dong to help change peoples lives.

It wouldn't have been the same for me had I had to do this any other way.

I can't THANK YOU enough for what you have done for me.

The appreciation will be in my heart and soul for many lives to come.


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