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Judy & David Swanson of Anderson, Indiana did it!   PDF  Print  Email 

They saw that kids needed to know the real truth about drugs and decided to do something effective about it.

Partnering with Friends of Narconon®, Judy & David Swanson completed sponsorship of The Truth About Drugs Videos Series into ALL of the elementary, middle and high schools in their City of Anderson, Indiana where they live.

They joined over 6,500 U.S. schools that have already used this program adding up to over 7 million students viewing the videos.

Find out what you can do to get the kids in your community the truth about drugs.

We are "Changing Minds & Saving Lives" - join the team.

You’ll be glad you did.

From a School in Indiana:

“I learned that drugs can stay in your body for years and that using drugs mixes [messes] up the “pictures” in your brain.” 10th Grader

“The speaker talked with the kids, not at them. The classes were interested in what he had to say.” Health Teacher

Contact Donna Miller at Friends of Narconon: 1-800-882-6862

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Here's what one of the kids in Hawaii had to say after viewing "Marijuana The Myth" video:

"Dear Mr. Mau, I really appreciated your sponsoring of the drug video. I think many teens learned from the presentation made by the teacher in the movie. There are to many people who have the wrong information concerning drugs, and it was time to get the true facts. I never knew that drugs will stay in your system for life! That really changed how I feel about drugs. You informed us on how drugs make you feel and gave us facts on the long term effects. Some people believe that Marijuana does not have a long term effect or stay in the system for a long time. After viewing your video we now have correct facts, and can make the right choices. I feel that the drug video was important to see, and I hope other young people can learn from it as I did. Sincerely, 10th Grader"

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