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Dear Friends,

Last week a Narconon graduate and I were scheduled to appear on a local TV show to educate families on the signs of drug abuse.

On the way to the station, I decided that it would be helpful to the viewers if I could show some actual drug paraphernalia.

Simple items like coke cans, spoons, light bulbs and straws found in odd places around the home could signal drug abuse.

Other paraphernalia items that I wanted to show, like crack pipes, blunts and scales I thought would be harder to get.

My companion suggested that we could get everything we needed, including the “harder to get items” at a convenience store.

We stopped at the convenient store across the street from the TV station.

There was also a large church on the street, which I thought might diminish the possibility of buying paraphernalia, but this wasn’t the case.

The light bulb, brillo pad, straw and soda can were easy for me to buy, without feeling conspicuous.

Not being well versed in the purchasing of the other items, I asked the graduate to help.

He requested some items and the individual behind the counter seemed to give the once over to check if we were OK.

He then pulled the requested paraphernalia out – blunts, crack pipe and some papers.

We also bought a lighter that was really a torch.

I was amazed that we were ...

I was amazed that we were allowed to so easily purchase these things without the police coming in immediately to arrest us.

We left the convenience store and I saw a couple of individuals outside that I realized were probably drug dealers.

Here was the “one stop shop” for everything any drug addict would need.

I asked the graduate why the police did not seem too interested in the fact that this type of activity was going on at the convenience store.

He didn’t know the answer, but informed me that if we were pulled over and the car searched, I could be arrested for drug paraphernalia.

This hardly seemed fair, but I still drove extra carefully to our TV appointment.

The producer felt that the TV show was a success and I thought our viewers learned about drugs and paraphernalia. I know I did.

I later found out that the convenience store down the street from my home had a much larger supply of paraphernalia which included bongs and scales.

I went in myself and saw these things in plain view.

Again, outside were a couple of guys who I thought were drug dealers.

I could think of no other reason why they would be inclined to spend so much time milling around outside on such a beautiful night.

Later a couple of graduates confirmed that in the past they had bought drugs from a convenience store.

I have decided that I personally am going to start doing something about this situation.

I have begun educating other businesses in the area as to what is going on, so as a community we can take effective action.

Already some have begun to demand that these convenient stores get back into the business for which they are intended.

Next time you are at a convenient store check to see what paraphernalia is for sale.

Note down the address and inform others in the neighborhood what is really going on in these places.

The majority of citizens don’t want drugs in their neighborhood.

Also, look over these pictures of paraphernalia and get familiar with these items.

If items like this are out of place in your environment, look for the drug addict in your life and get them some help.

Together we can take back our families and our communities.

It is up to us.

Don't take any chances with someone you love. Narconon of Georgia staff members are here to help walk you through an intervention or do what is necessary to get your family member here - NOW.

Call our 24 hour hotline 877-413-3073


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