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1. ALL DRUGS ARE POISONS: All drugs are basically poisons. The amount which you take is what decides how it affects you. A small amount is a stimulant.

A larger amount is a sedative. An even larger amount acts as a poison and can kill you.

This is true of ANY drug. Each has a different amount. Caffeine in coffee for example - two or three cups stimulate. Ten would probably put a person to sleep. 100 cups would probably kill him.

2. ALL DRUGS AFFECT THE MIND: When a person thinks of something, he gets a picture of it in his mind.

These "mental pictures" are very easy to see for yourself. If you close your eyes and think of a cat, you will get a picture of a cat. The mind takes 25 pictures every second, and files them away to solve problems in life.

Normally, when a person remembers something, the mind is very fast and information comes to him very quickly from the pictures in his mind.
But the drugs blur the pictures. They make the pictures dull and cloudy. This causes "blank spots" in the mind.

When a person tries to get the information through all this blurry mess, he can't do it. Drugs make a person seem slow or stupid. This can cause him to have failures in life. And when he fails in life, what does the person want more of? DRUGS!

3. PEOPLE TAKE DRUGS TO GET RID OF UNWANTED FEELINGS: Anyone who takes drugs does it to get rid of some pain or unwanted feelings, including freedom. To understand why someone takes drugs now, you need to know what was wrong before he or she took them.

He may have had some pain. He may have wanted to feel happier..

The drugs were a temporary solution to the unwanted feelings. To get a real solution, the person would have to fix what was causing the problem in the first place.

4. WHEN A DRUG WEARS OFF, THE PERSON WANTS MORE: When any drug wears off, the pain or other feeling that went away comes back harder than before. If someone had a problem that made him want to take drugs...let's say he is "too nervous" to talk to anyone at a party...

He might take a drug to help him relax. When the drug wears off, the feeling of nervousness is worse than before...and he wants MORE of the drug to calm himself.

This person's problem talking to people won't go away until he does something about his shyness and finds out he CAN talk to people, with or without drugs.

5. ALCOHOL IS THE MOST USED DRUG OF ALL: Alcohol is a drug. Like any other drug it is poisonous to the body. Like other drugs, alcohol uses up vitamins in your body so you feel tired or sick after drinking it. This is what causes a "hangover".

The body needs vitamins to stay alive. If you don't eat a healthy diet, you may not get the vitamins you need. This can cause you to feel tired, or even sick.

Any time you take drugs, they burn up some of your body's vitamins. If you take enough drugs later you'll feel bad or get sick. So you take more to feel better but the problem gets WORSE.

6. MARIJUANA DAMAGES THE LUNGS, NERVES, AND BRAIN: There are 400 chemicals in marijuana smoke, 60 of these have been proven to cause cancer. These chemicals stay in the body for years. Marijuana contains THC, a "neurotoxin" (a poison affecting the brain and nerves.)

When someone smokes pot, it makes two things happen: 1)There's almost an immediate burn up of vitamins and minerals in the body. 2) The nerves in the body go numb.

Each time someone gets "high", they don't feel quite as good, and each time they feel a little worse afterwards.

Eventually, pot smokers don't want the drug...they NEED the drug to relieve the unwanted conditions the drugs created in their bodies. Their bodies can't take in enough vitamins to make up for what the drug destroys.

7. ECSTASY IS ONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS DRUGS: Recent research has shown very serious, long term damage to the nervous system from Ecstasy. In some cases this has caused brain damage, and even holes in the brain caused by this drug.

Ecstasy is a "hallucinogen". These are some of the most dangerous drugs.Hallucinogens cause pictures in the mind to become mixed up. A person can get thrown into a scary or sad experience from the past and get stuck there without even realizing it.

This can result in permanent feelings of fear, sadness or other feelings that have nothing to do with what's happening in the person's present life.

8. DRUGS RUIN CREATIVITY: There is a scale of emotions that people move up and down on as they go through life.

Let's say someone is bored. She smokes pot which causes the nervous system to go numb and "lifts" her into a fake cheerfulness. It's fake because what happens when the drug wears off?

She feels terrible and doesn't care about anything. When she comes back up the scale, she feels a little lower on the scale, feels less and less cheerful and less creative as time goes on.

9. DRUGS DULL ALL YOUR SENSES: Because drugs numb the nervous system, they are a way for a person to temporarilly get rid of unwanted feelings like sadness, boredom, or fear. Sometimes, in an emergency, drugs are needed so that an operation can be performed or when there has been an accident.

However, drugs block off ALL sensations or feelings. Eventually any kind of feeling becomes harder to experience. That includes sexual feelings also.

The person feels less alive, and he may act like he doesn't care about anything or anyone around him. After awhile, drugs will make a person less aware of what is going on around him, he will become slower, not as quick to think or move or react.

So he can get into accidents and other dangerous situations more easily when he has used drugs. Often, the person isn't aware of this change in himself even though other people may notice it and try to point it out to him.

10. DRUGS STAY IN THE BODY FOR YEARS AFTER YOU TAKE THEM: Most drugs get stored in fat within the body and can stay there for years. Here is how that happens.

Drugs easily mix with fat in the body. In this picture, you can see that fat is close to the vein and when drugs come through the vein the fat draws the drug into it like a magnet.

This is a problem because later, when the person is working, or exercising or even stressed..the fat burns up and a tiny amount of the drug seeps back into the vein. He gets a tiny "taste" of that drug again.

What happens when you get a tiny taste of sugar?

You want MORE. What happens to the guy getting a tiny taste of that drug?

He wants MORE. So he may still want drugs even years after he's stopped taking drugs.



If you know someone who is taking drugs and can't seem to stop, the Narconon program can help.

The Narconon drug-free program helps get rid of drug cravings by removing the drugs from the person's body.

This is done by a special program of vitamins, exercise, and sauna to produce sweating, and taking oils and liquids to replace the fat that is being lost.

This highly effective program is supervised by a doctor, and has been used successfully for over 20 years to remove drugs from the body and reduce drug cravings.

Once this has been accomplished, the Narconon program then addresses the reason the person turned to drugs in the first place, and handles the underlying problem.

The program is very, very successful because it gets rid of the reasons people take drugs in the first place.

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