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Truth About Drugs Video Series Creates A Ripple Effect!   PDF  Print  Email 
In the last year more than 1.1 million students viewed The Truth About Drugs videos in schools across America. A recent study of surveys administered by teachers across the country revealed, for the first time, the impact these videos are having on students lives:
  • 80% of the students said they would use what they learned from the video to tell their friends, be there for them, help them.

  • 40% specifically said they would tell them about drugs in the body, staying in the fat cells.

  • 65% of the students surveyed indicated that their thoughts about drugs had changed, while 25% said their decision to not do drugs was re-enforced.

  • 87.5% said they learned something they did not know before, that drugs stay in the body for a long time.

    35% of 9th grade students said they had considered trying drugs, but after watching the video, decided not to.

  • 15% of 12th graders indicated they would not use drugs again after watching the video.

"This type or response clearly indicates a significant impact that our videos are having on kids lives," said FON President, Robert Hernandez, CCDC. "What I find most promising is the fact that 80% of the students will tell people about the information they learned. This type of impact creates a ripple effect of great proportion. This will help turn the tide on peer pressure from urges to try drugs into a strong message to not do them because of what they can do to you," said Hernandez.

Friends of Narconon released it's first video in 1995. Since that time more than 4.5 million students have watched these videos in over 4400 schools across America. Most schools receive the Educational Video Kits free of charge via personal and business donations. "By realizing that this problem will not be solved by government alone, we must all work together and do what we can to help our children stay away from the dark side of drugs," said Hernandez.

Anyone who would like to donate to help schools receive these materials can do so by clicking the "Make A Donation" button anywhere on our website.

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Over 4.5 million kids have viewed the Friends of Narconon drug education videos since 1995. "The Truth About Drugs, What Is It?" was released in 1995 and "Marijuana The Myth" in 2001.

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