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Friends of Narconon President's Briefing--Issue 98   PDF  Print  Email 

Once it was thought that a person was a drug addict or alcoholic only if he needed the drug daily, or if he went through withdrawal symptoms (vomiting, seizures, cramps, death) when he abruptly stopped using the substance.

It was thought that alcoholics and drug addicts were unemployed, poor, and from the inner city.

These are misconceptions.

Many drug addicts do not use drugs or alcohol daily and do not experience physical withdrawal when they stop using.

The majority of addicted people are employed and appear to be functioning normally.

This can help parents understand how it is their kids can go to school, seem to get good grades, appear to be doing well, and then all of a sudden - bang!

Their kids drug problem is out of control.

It can happen very fast sometimes and parents need to be on the alert for all the various signs and symptoms.

While many of you undoubtedly feel you have things "under control" with your kids, and I do appreciate that.

But I can tell you in all my years I have spoken to many parents, very upstanding moral people, who felt they had it "under control," only to nearly lose their kids to drugs.

And the common thing they say to me is "I had no idea".

So as we start a new school year, I want to provide all you parents, friends and family members with some very important tips to spotting signs and symptoms of drug use.

In our DVD Marijuana The Myth there is a feature titled "Why Parents Are The Last to Know", there you will find the complete list and information about this, but I can give you some general mannerisms to watch out for:

* The person cannot comfortably look you in the eye when speaking, being spoken to or approached. This is sometimes merely a sign of someone with very low communication skill and basic shyness.
* The person is not dependable. Being late, tardy from school/work and it keeps "getting worse".
* Generally sad, grumpy, or a "not caring" attitude. This could be the way a person is. However it is also a tip-off that there could be a prolonged drug use problem.
* Short attention span, doesn’t listen well. This may be just a problem the person has. In the case of a young kid this may just be a growing phase they are going through. The point is to observe closely to determine which it is. This could indicate a drug use problem.
* Most important is to be alert to "sudden changes" in the person. Things like being tired all morning, or suddenly happy & awake after lunch or a break. This could be a strong sign that the person is using drugs to "get through the day".

There are a lot of other signs and symptoms that you need to know about.

That is why we created the feature "Why Parents Are The Last to Know".

Do yourself, friends and family a favor and get your copy of this valuable DVD today and watch it.

Order Marijuana The Myth DVD now.

Plus, we are now back to school and we need more sponsors.

We have a bunch of schools in Michigan that have asked for our Educators' Kit and are waiting for them right now.

But we need your sponsorships to do this.

Just so you all know Wal-Mart has joined the ranks of sponsorship in a big way in the last 9 months.

Each store has to decide where they want their money spent and so far 42 stores have donated over $19,000.00 sponsoring more than 95 schools!

Lets match what the good folks at Wal-Mart have done this week!!

Call Donna Miller and sponsor some schools today! 1-800-882-6862


Robert Hernandez
President, Friends of Narconon, Intl.

P.S. To Sponsor a school. Click here (or copy and paste into your browser):

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PSS: I still need just a FEW more answers to the quiz "What is the cause of Boredom?".

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