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Re-Educating Society About Drugs

There is a new form of education sweeping our public school system here in America.

In earlier days we saw the implementation of the "Good Drugs, Bad Drugs" theory.

This approach, by the way, is still prevalent in today's teachings about drugs within the public school systems.

But there is a new kid in town! (Or the old kids with a new face maybe?)

They are called the "Drug Policy Alliance." Here is a quote from their website: "Drug education efforts should promote safety first."

So, ask yourself, what is wrong with that statement?

You should know that this organization is spreading its brochures and materials to schools all across the USA.

Recently, while doing some live presentations, Narconon Prevention Specialist Bobby Wiggins found some of their brochures in the school.

He approached the supervisor in the school and asked why they had this stuff displayed there.

The supervisor was dumbfounded and did not realize they were even in the school.

This organization's philosophy has come to be known as "HARM MINIMIZATION."

This organization, which no doubt has many vested interest supporters, is actually promoting that we must teach kids to "use drugs safely."

Their attitude is "Kids are going to use drugs anyway, so lets make sure they do it safely."

Read those sentences again.

Make no mistake, their brochures and website look very official and it all sounds good at a glance.

In the end they are treading dangerous waters. How can a society possibly condone teaching kids how to "safely use drugs"?

Most people will not agree that this is good. In fact, in the example above, the teacher did not believe in that theory.

However, just like anything, with enough money behind your movement a lot of progress can be made.

Just look at the broad abuse of Ritalin in our public school system!

Teaching kids the truth about drugs is the only way to ensure they make the right decision.

As you can see time is not on our side. If we are going to succeed at reaching every kid in our schools, we need to step up the volume and fast.

In the last year alone our video products have reached over 1.3 million students in public schools across all 50 States in America. Yet there are more than 50 million school-aged kids in the USA alone.

The way we reached these students was through gracious sponsorship of schools from our donors. You can sponsor schools in your state and Friends of Narconon will get an entire Educator's Kit right to those schools.

Currently we are in just over 5,000 public schools and about 100 private schools. That is, teachers from these schools registered with Friends of Narconon and were sent materials that had been donated.

In order to prevent "Vested Interests" from re-educating our youth to "use drugs safely," we need to speed up our progress. To do that we have set a new target to get materials sent to 20,000 more schools this next year.

Getting teachers to register for the materials is not a problem. Friends of Narconon does this routinely.

What is needed is sponsors. We need each of you to look around your neighborhood and imagine for a moment what it would be like if you knew that all the kids in your area were actually getting the Narconon Drug Education Presentations.

Can you imagine the joy and satisfaction you can have knowing that, without much effort on your part, you can make a BIG impact on a kid's life? All you need to do is sponsor some schools and get your family and friends to do the same.

I am not joking here. We need to move fast. We can use your help.

It costs $200.00 to sponsor a school. If you cannot do one yourself, then all we ask is that you get several people together to do 5, 10 or even just 1 school. The point is, if we all pitch in, we can beat the other group to the punch.

And trust me, we do not want to wind up with schools teaching kids how to "use drugs safely."

If you think it can't happen, think again. Did we ever imagine, in earlier years, that our classrooms would become drug companies' cash cows? Think about it. I know you will do the right thing.

Robert Hernandez

PS: To sponsor schools just call 1-800-882-6862. Mention this briefing and you will get a discount off the cost to sponsor as many schools as you like. Just so you know, this is tax deductible. We also place a special announcement to the teacher that lets them know who the sponsor is and encourages them to have the students write to their sponsors. And many actually do.

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