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Why Kids Take Drugs

The little bundle of joy we used to cuddle in our arms grows so fast that we're looking at a teenager before we realize how many years have passed.

As our kids grow up and spend less time with us because of academic or sports activities, concerts and parties, they are introduced to new situations that seem promising but are in fact dangerous.

A recent survey of parents revealed that their biggest concern with regards to kids taking drugs was their "health" (not dying or addiction).

When asked what parents felt they could do to help keep their kids from taking drugs, they said "better parenting, closer relationships, spending more time with their kids."

When you read this survey, and parents seem to know what they need to do to keep their kids from doing drugs, the question one has to ask is "Why are kids turning to drugs at an alarming rate?"

Some of us may think it is the "parents' fault." Others can blame the schools for not doing their job.

However, over the last 10 years that Friends of Narconon has been providing drug education videos to schools, it became very obvious why it is that kids take drugs.

More importantly, why is it that our society is so reasonable on the subject of drugs? How did that start?

Granted, there are times when some drugs are necessary such as in a medical emergency.

But if you were to go down the street and ask people if they think drugs are bad, you would be amazed at the responses you get.

In other words, there is an underlying reasonableness about drugs themselves in our general population.

Where did this come from? How did this attitude change over the last 200 years? Think about it. Did we have Prozac 200 years ago?

How did we, as a society, deal with "depression" back then?

More importantly, how has an entire population mind-set changed from hardly any knowledge of or need of drugs, to one that tends to rely on drugs for a quick fix?

The answer to that can be found in the new features on our DVD's called Why Kids Take Drugs. This feature has never-before-seen footage of Narconon's Top Prevention Specialist, Bobby Wiggins.

In this feature Bobby reveals the exact reasons why kids take drugs.

I know you will be shocked.

Don't take my word for it. Write down on a piece of paper why you think kids take drugs.

Then, using the information below, order your copy of one of our DVDs Marijuana The Myth - Directors Cut or The Truth About Drugs: What is It? Both DVDs contain the new features Why Kids Take Drugs along with Why Parents Are the Last to Know.

I guarantee you will be surprised. In fact, when you watch the DVD, if what you wrote down matches the information in the DVD, just let me know and I will PERSONALLY refund your purchase price.

That is how confident I am that you will find out newly what the underlying reason is for why kids take drugs! What have you got to lose? I guarantee you will be surprised!


Robert Hernandez
President Friends of Narconon

PS: Call 1-800-882-6862 to order your DVD today. The cost is $47.00. If you call and mention this briefing, the shipping and handling is absolutely free.

Plus, you have my personal guarantee that you will learn something you did not know before or your money back!

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Friends of Narconon expands its services to meet demands from educators. After showing the Truth About Drugs videos to their students many have requested Live Presentations. These are now being provided by Friends of Narconon.

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