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Friends of Narconon President's Briefing--Issue 2   PDF  Print  Email 

Any one with children or teenagers needs to pay attention to this briefing.

We recently released our new DVDs with two new special features for parents. One is Why Parents are the Last to Know and Why Kids Take Drugs. The first one on why parents are the last to know was four years in the making.

What was interesting there is that we managed to gain access to teenage kids in regular rehab centers across the city of Los Angeles. The testimonials we got from each kid, at different locations, revealed the same reason why parents are the last to know about a kid's drug problem.

The results of this will shock you. If you are a parent, you need to see these new features. No matter what your relationship is with your kids.

But this brings us to the next story. As we are continuing with our production on the Ecstasy The Real Story video, another shocking story has come to mind out of the Coroner's Office. Here is that story right from their records:


"18-year-old female who attended a RAVE PARTY between the hours of 2230 and 0230 hours at a vacant lot at 3rd and Santa Fe in Los Angeles. Mother of decedent picked her up at which time the decedent appeared to be under the influence.

"Mother drove straight to Good Samaritan Hospital where decedent told staff that she had taken 3 Ecstasy pills at the party.

"Decedent kept in ER and monitored until about 0800 when she was released with doctor telling the mother that she would probably sleep for 18 hours and wake up with a headache. Decedent unable to get to car on her own and seemed to sleep the entire trip home to Sylmar.

"Decedent put to bed and checked on every 30 minutes or so by family. When checked on at about 1600 hours she was found not breathing so family called 911. Decedent taken to Olive View Hospital where she was declared dead in the ER at 1701 hours."

This is again a sad story that could have been avoided. When you find out what we discovered in the new feature Why Parents Are The Last to Know, you will at once see exactly how this situation could have been avoided.

It is my opinion that parents are half the problem regarding kids using drugs in society and our new feature tells you why. I recommend that you get a copy of the new DVD Marijuana The Myth with the new features and watch it.

All proceeds from the sales of these products go directly to supporting our drug education efforts.

By getting your copies of our DVD products you are helping us to get our next video, Ecstasy The Real Story, completed. When this is done, I am certain we will keep kids from winding up like the above young girl. Do what you can to help, this is a team effort.

Robert Hernandez
President Friends of Narconon, Intl

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