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Who's Job is it Anyway?

When we think about family and we think about our home and who keeps it all together, many of us can agree that mothers are usually the ones to do that.

Whether there is a problem within the marriage or not, when kids are involved, most times mom is the one they come running to.

This seems to hold true when it comes to drug abuse.

A study from Penn State University revealed that teenagers have a preference of which parent they prefer to talk to about the subject of drugs:
70% of teens are more at ease when talking with their moms.
12% of the teens in the survey favored talking with their fathers.
7.4% preferred talking with their grandparents.
7.4% favored talking with siblings.
3% preferred talking with other extended family members.

Whether it is the mom or the dad that kids turn to, there is one thing that parents must be certain about; what to say when your kids do ask you about drugs.

While sometimes it may be difficult for parents, I have found that honesty in communication with your kids about drugs and even your experiences with them will go a long way to gaining your kids trust in what you say.

However, for many parents it just seems like a tough thing to confront.

Most of the parents I have spoken to confessed to me that they would not know or did not know what to say about drugs to their kids.

Many parents I have spoken with would never believe their kids would even do drugs.

You could say they were in "denial" about their kids drug use.

In fact, I even documented this in the feature called "Why Parents Are The Last to Know" included with the Marijuana The Myth DVD.

With school back in full bloom it is inevitable that your kids and family members are going to be faced with issues regarding drugs.

It is important that you and your family get fully educated on the subject of drugs in order for you to handle the situations.

More importantly, you need to be able to provide kids with the correct answers about drugs so they can trust what you’re saying and make sound decisions not to use them.

They too need correct information to handle the deluge of influences they get on a daily basis.

In order to help all families and friends, we are offering our Family Drug Education Kit. This kit includes:
The Truth About Drugs What is It? DVD
Marijuana The Myth DVD

And as part of this special offer you will receive, absolutely free of charge, the award winning Xtasy The Real Story DVD Set - (2 DVD's)

Plus you get these great Bonus Features:
Why Parents Are The Last to Know
Why Kids Take Drugs
The Misery of Xtasy
You get all 4 DVD's and 3 bonus features for only $97.00 -- and shipping is free!

With this kit you will find out how they make alcohol, what happens to your mind when you take drugs, why do kids start taking drugs, what are the sales techniques dealers use to get kids to take drugs and so much more!

Nowhere else will you find such powerful and easy to understand information presented in our Family Drug Education Kit!

This kit is easy to use and understand and makes a great gift for family and friends.

You'll be amazed at the types of discussions that take place when kids watch these DVD's. More importantly, as an adult you will be completely surprised at how much you really don't know about drugs!

You have my personal guarantee that you will learn many things about drugs that you did not know before! Make sure to watch the bonus features too --- very revealing! In fact if you are not fully satisfied with your kit, simply return it to us and we will refund your purchase!

So what have you got to lose?

Other than a loved one to drug abuse because you did not act today?

Call Donna Miller and get your Family Drug Education Kit today! 1-800-882-6862

Robert Hernandez
President, Friends of Narconon, Intl.

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PSS: I still need just 5 more answers to the quiz "What is the cause of Boredom?".

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A survey of students viewing the video Marijuana The Myth revealed that over 70% changed their minds about drugs after watching the video.

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