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Friends of Narconon President's Briefing--Issue 100   PDF  Print  Email 

Are We Making A Difference?

This is our 100th briefing and I decided that we should do a quick check to see if this good work we are all doing is making any difference.

So I looked up some recent research that means something.

While we gather successes from schools week in and week out, all the staff here at Friends of Narconon have a keen focus on one major statistic.

That is whether or not the NATIONAL drug use is dropping.

In order for you to really understand what this means it is a good idea to understand the universe we are working in.

In the USA the population just went past 301,139,947.

Of that there is just over 50 Million school kids.

So our current target audience is 50 Million students spread out across more than 100,000 schools (public and private).

These are very LARGE numbers indeed.

So when we are talking NATIONAL drop in drug use, this is no small task.

So, would you like to know how things are going on the national drug scene?

Would you be interested in knowing if all your support is making a difference?

(This briefing is longer than usual, but trust me, you'll want to know this data!)

Well you should all take a bow, because what I am about to show you will blow you away. (You might want to be sitting down for this.)

Study Shows Drop in Marijuana Use 5th Year in a Row!

Marijuana is by far the most widely used illicit drug in America.

According to the 2006 Monitoring The Future survey, marijuana showed the fifth consecutive year of decrease in use among 8th, 10th and 12th graders!

Now this means since 2002 Marijuana use has been declining!

In 2001 we released Marijuana The Myth and sent this to an initial 1,150 schools across

When you consider that the surveys done to calculate the decline in marijuana use are conducted in the public schools, the same place we are distributing our video program to, you get the idea that maybe our program had a hand in decreasing marijuana use.

Prior to 2002 marijuana use was on the rise, now its on the decline.

What major campaign was implemented into the public school system that addressed marijuana head on?

You guessed it, Marijuana The Myth.

Now what is even more interesting about this report card is that it is now the OLDER students who are showing the greatest decrease in marijuana use.

In other words, the 12th grade students were using marijuana the least.

One factor that is important to understand is that originally we targeted grades 9 through 12 for our Marijuana The Myth campaign.

However, we got bombarded, literally, with requests from 6th, 7th and 8th grades.

It was a total surprise!

What happened right before our eyes was that Marijuana The Myth became a "cross-over" video program. Meaning it crossed-over into a younger age group than expected. And judging by the surveys still pouring in, it is a big hit with kids across all age groups.

So this helps us understand now that the younger kids who are now older, and who have been touched by our video program, are part of that group that is being surveyed which is showing the biggest drop in usage!

However, not all is very rosy right now.

What I am about to tell you needs to be taken very seriously.

While studying this new report, I spotted a very troubling scene.

Scare Tactics Miss The Mark

Most of you have undoubtedly heard about the drug Methamphetamine or Meth right?

This is simply a very dangerous stimulant type of drug.

If you listen to the news you would know that there is a major epidemic, and while this may be true, something new is happening.

This report shows that Methamphetamine use among youth has been declining since 1999, when this report started monitoring its use.(Now hold onto that thought for a moment)

Another drug that was showing a decline was the drug called "Ecstasy".

Many of you may have heard of this drug. It is known as the "sex drug" among other things.

The use of this drug among teens actually was on the decline as a result of large media exposure some years ago.

There were several documentaries that showed "holes in the brain" among other things.

This sort of created a scare among the youth.

However, as Narconon has found out over the years, scare tactics do not work.

Now what I am about to tell you is not found in the media at this time.

However, if there was ever a time we could predict an outcome on something, this would come real close to telling the story before it happens.

The 2006 Monitoring the Future principal investigator is Loyd Johnston.

Something he stated in this report really raised my antennae: "We have seen a reduction over the past one to three years in the proportions of the students saying that they think using ecstasy is dangerous, or that they disapprove of its use." Now read that again and what does this mean?

It means that less kids think using ecstasy is dangerous!!

Johnston goes on to say this "Again, this could be setting the stage for a resurgence in the use of this drug, since use often moves with these beliefs and attitudes."

Wheww!! Do you get that?

In other words, if kids do not think a drug is dangerous, what is the next natural thing that is going to happen?

Yes, they will begin to take it.

So in the end, the previous media blitz and TV programs did not stick.

Some of these programs were ok and others were a bit promotional in that they left a more favorable impression of the drug.

No matter the reason, the fact remains that ecstasy use is on the rise and if there was ever a time for you to do something to prevent another major epidemic, now is it!

Timing is Everything!

We have the programs and the ability in place right now to teach kids the truth about ecstasy and the dangers that all drugs bring.

In order to do this however, we need your help and we need it fast.

At the end of October is Red Ribbon Week.

It is the time of year where schools all across the nation focus on anti-drug activities.

This is the time when the most attention is put on this issue.

So whatever you do, think about this briefing and think about what you can do to help us curb the tidal wave of drug use that is sure to start coming if we don't do something now to stop it.

All you have to do is sponsor some schools and Friends of Narconon will do the rest.

Last year we reached 1,126 new schools with our video program.

This year we need to double that, but we really need your help to do that.

So look deep into our hearts (and your pocket book of course) and realize that working together we can all make a BIG difference in our societies

What you do right now will actually save kids lives within the next month.

Just think about that.

You have the opportunity to change a kids life, right this minute, by simply sponsoring some schools.

Just by sponsoring 5 schools you will reach more than 15,000 kids with the truth about drugs and you will no doubt save many kids lives!

Now I don't know about you, but that is something worth doing.

I hope you have enjoyed our 100th briefing and I want to thank all of you for your support in our common goal of changing minds and saving lives!

Call Donna Miller and sponsor some schools today! 1-800-882-6862


Robert Hernandez
President, Friends of Narconon, Intl.

P.S. To Sponsor a school. Click here (or copy and paste into your browser):

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PSS: I still need just 10 more answers to the quiz "What is the cause of Boredom?".

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