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CANADIAN, OK - A new book released by Narconon Arrowhead is a much-needed answer to the problem of drug and alcohol addiction.

Helping Someone Overcome Addiction is filled with useful information on the devastating cycle of addiction and the reasons why it affects so many people and causes so much damage.

"For drug addicts and their families, there is a lot of misery and pain associated with addiction, and this can last a lifetime. With 22 million drug addicts in the United States and their associated loved ones, there is an overwhelming need to understand the cause of this pain and suffering, which is the cycle of addiction," says Derry Hallmark, co-author of the book.

The book took two years to complete and educates the reader on the complete cycle of addiction, covering subjects such as what drugs do the mind and body, physical cravings and relapse, and how a person gets involved with using drugs in the first place.

It is the first volume in a series that helps people to understand the basics of addiction, and how and why individuals become addicted to drugs and alcohol.

"Most of the information is based on over 30 years of research done by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, who recognized early on that drug and alcohol addiction is a huge problem," says Gary Smith, co-author of Helping Someone Overcome Addiction.

Smith, himself a recovered heroin addict through the Narconon® program, has been helping others do the same through effective education and rehabilitation since 1975.

Helping Someone Overcome Addiction is available now.

To order your copy today, please call (800) 882-6862 or log onto

Helping Someone Overcome Addiction
(Illustrated. 140pp., $24.95 US; free shipping in the US; California residents add $2.06 sales tax.)

CALL TOLL FREE: 1-888-774-2345

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