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Two Narconon Arrowhead Success Stories   PDF  Print  Email 

My New Life, Free of Guilt

"I have completed the Narconon® Program.

"I feel very good about how my program worked out.

"I am confident that I will go home and remain clean and sober.

"I look forward to being with my mama and my two beautiful boys.

"I have some damage to repair with them, but we are already on our way there.

"We have much love for each other and nothing is going to stop us now.

"I know that when I go home I am going to make it.

"I am free of all guilt and ready to start my new life."

E.H. - Narconon Arrowhead Graduate

I Came to Narconon With Zero Hope

"I came to Narconon Arrowhead with zero hope.

"I have been on crack for 15 years of my life and for the last 10 have been unsuccessful at trying to stop using.

"I had been through many different programs and had given up.

"My wife found this place and I decided that I would try it. I put 100% into this program and to my surprise I was given back 200%.

"I have realized that the drugs were only the end symptom to an already destructive lifestyle.

"I could not understand how when life would be going so well I could always seem to mess things up.

"Now I see that it's all about continual maintenance.

"I can now recognize these various conditions that I am in and take the proper steps to get out of, or maintain that condition.

"It's not about the drugs, by knowing this, that I'm not an addict, I can finally begin a new and prosperous life."

K.S. - Narconon Arrowhead Graduate

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