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The Importance of Learning Good Communication Skills   PDF  Print  Email 
Here is a great Success Story that illustrates the importance of learning good communication skills and the impact they have on one´s life and abilities.

This was written by one of our United States' students who just completed the first part of Narconon´s Communications and Perceptions Course which is Narconon´s book 4a.


"The Training Routines that Narconon provides have offered a lot to me. Coming off of the streets and doing drugs really messed up my ability to handle everyday life.

"The important things seemed to come last or not at all.

"Since coming here to Narconon Brazil my intention without reservation has increased phenomenally!

"Many times I would find myself in the same predicament thinking 'I should do this, its really important' then when drugs were ruling my life it seemed that things were impossible to achieve, but I would sit back and just watch these negative things happen and not do anything about it.

"It´s not that I did not want to do these things but it was that my druggie lifestyle was getting in the way of a productive life.

"Not only my intention increased with these drills but also my coping skills did.

"It may seem like the simplest things can make a drug user mad which can easily rob them of their capabilities.

"You can´t say life will be easy, but you can say with this technology you can make life a lot easier and happier!

"I already know that I will apply this in my everyday life and increase my survival skills.

"These Training Routines increased my character and motivation all in one! I would recommend this not only to drug users but to non-users alike.

"Both individuals can benefit greatly from these drills and be able to be more stable on an emotional level and literate as well.

"In conclusion, I must take this time to say that I am LUCKY for every living day and for Narconon so I could keep on living with great intention and happiness which every person deserves."

S.D. - Narconon Student from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

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