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I am currently on book 6 in my Narconon Program and the changes I have seen in me have been amazing.

When I first got here I was so depressed and angry and hated everyone.

After book 1 and the sauna, I started to feel better about myself but I still would get days where I was really upset.

Then after book 3 I learned how to study better and learned not to get myself into a state of confusion when studying because it gave me the tools to really know how to learn.

I then completed book 4a and 4b. I found these books really difficult and was always saying that it wasn’t helping and I would still use drugs.

But after I completed both books, I really realized how much the technology used in it brings your mind out of past time, into present time. I started to notice I wasn’t thinking about drugs anymore and I was really in present time.

These books had awesome results that were really unexpected.

I then went into book 5. This book was really beautiful. It taught me about the different personalities in life and why people act and behave the way they do.

When I was doing this book I did not like it but when I started applying the technology, I saw that it was true. It also showed me how to handle difficult people in my life which I found incredibly useful.

Now I am in book 6 and this book is clarifying, for me, all the reasons I shouldn’t take drugs in life.

I realized all the damage I was causing and I am now taking responsibility for my actions and I feel good and I feel relief.

Each stage in this program has a specific purpose and I am so glad I had the opportunity to do the program as it changed my life and still is changing it.

Because each day I'm learning more and growing stronger and I know I have beaten my drug addiction which I didn’t think I would ever do.

S. Smith--Narconon Brazil Student

Narconon Brazil is using a technology that works and really helps people!!!!

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