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Success Story - Meet Beth Elrod   PDF  Print  Email 

"Today I am filled with joy over the accomplishments I have made during my stay at Narconon.

"I'm so happy to be free from the bondage of drug addiction.

"The last 9 years of my life have been in torment due to my drug addictions.

"During that time, I have lost many things that were dear to me including friends, the respect of my family, and most recently I almost lost my boyfriend.

"I've had to endure a lifestyle that was full of depression, headache, danger, criticism, embarrassment, lying, cheating and stealing.

"Things got so bad that my family could hardly endure the pain any longer.

"They prayed diligently everyday for an answer to my drug problem.

"Our prayers opened a door to Narconon.

"My parents were told by their next door neighbors about this program.

"The very day that everyone had reached the end of their rope, we regained our hope.

"My dad called Narconon and 6 hours later, I was checking in. My dad and boyfriend brought me here and on the way we were overwhelmed with hope.

"The three months that I was a student in this program, completely changed my life.

"Through sauna I have gotten into great physical shape and my cravings were greatly reduced.

"I grew emotionally and spiritually through the rest of the program and by the end my cravings had ceased.

"I feel healthier than I have ever felt in my life and I finally know how to love my parents and boyfriend the way they have loved me.

"My recommendation to everyone who has a drug problem is to participate in this wonderful program - let it work for you, be strong, have faith, endure and change your life forever.

"I am now training to be a successful staff member here at Narconon of Georgia so I can help others have what I now have."

Beth Elrod

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