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"For many years now I’ve decided more and more that the things I liked or the games that came along were too easy or stupid or just not worth playing or participating in.

"This included things like getting along with my family, making friends and just doing regular stuff.

"I have and can easily look around me and point to some very tragic and horrific events that have transpired in my life.

"These events fueled my idea that just about everything was no more than a giant load of bull.

"It was easy to look around and think to myself that something as 'stupid and small' as getting along in life was not just going to happen because I have had enough tragedy in one life to last 5.

"Personally, although I have known for some time but could not remember or want to, I control the games and events good or bad that enter my life.

"Now it feels good to clearly think of things that I am interested in and look forward to!

"I discovered this new life in Narconon Brazil! Thanks."

EG - Narconon Brazil Student

"I am really happy and excited now that I have finished this course (Narconon´s Book 1: Therapeutic Training Routines).

"It is the first thing that I have accomplished since I stopped using drugs.

"The course helped me to realize that my attitude toward people and life while I was on drugs was totally inappropriate.

"Now I have more control of my body and mind.

"I am starting to see life more positively!"

SF - Narconon Brazil Student

"My success is being HAPPIER! Now I wake up in the morning and am ready to start the day.

"Before when I was on drugs I woke up with a mad dog face.

"I am glad I’m done with this course (Narconon´s Book 1: Therapeutic Training Routines) .

"Even if I did it for a longer period of time I am sure that my abilities would even increase more.

"I definilty see more willingness to talk!"

MD - Narconon Brazil Student

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