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If you are worried about your child, there is a reason   PDF  Print  Email 

The following is a story from a parent who wanted desperately to get their child into the Narconon program but was unable to perform what would have been a life saving intervention and now finds it too late. Please learn from this parent's unfortunate tragedy.

Dear Bobby,

I received your letter of follow up today. I was planning to write you anyway because of what has happened with my son. I remember feeling nearly frantic the weekend of August 6th, 7th and 8th, trying to arrange an intervention for Monday morning the 9th. Enclosed is a picture taken that Monday morning of my son, Rigel Blue, Tiffany, and his two sisters.

Twelve days later, on Saturday, August 21st, my son was killed in an auto accident. He had been drinking, so he wasn't driving. He was the passenger in his own car. Unfortunately, the young man to whom he gave the wheel had also been drinking. That young man, also 23 years old, was discharged from the hospital four weeks later with a severe head injury. He may never remember the friend he killed.

I will never forget.

I wanted to write to you to let you know about the terrible outcome we had here and to let you know that I can be an example to other parents. If you are worried about your child, there is a reason. If you think that he is in trouble, he probably is. Don't delay in seeking help. Listen to that voice inside. How I wish I could go back to that weekend.

You may share this letter with other parents considering doing what I wish I had done. Thank you for your concern, I only wish I could have met you in August.


Shawn Q.

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