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I was in denial about my drug problem.

I had been denying the fact that I had an alcohol and drug problem for five years and was trying to convince myself that I could handle it.

Then during the summer of 1999 my life had reached an all-time low point.

I was drinking every day, had quit two jobs, was behind on all my bills and was taking ecstasy regularly.

My roommate got arrested, I wrecked my car and I was desperate, lonely and extremely depressed.

I didn't know what to do, but I just wanted all the pain and misery to end.

I thought of taking my own life, but realized how much I would hurt those who love me most, my family, and turned to them for help.

Within a week I entered the Narconon® drug rehabilitation and education program in Oklahoma, knowing that it was different from every other rehab.

For once I finally had a sense of hope that things would be okay.

Throughout the program I was able to come to an understanding with myself as well as others why I was doing such destructive things and how I could not only maintain my sobriety, but also better the quality of my life in every area.

Today, more than four years later, I have a wonderful life.

I have a fantastic relationship with my family and am even celebrating my first wedding anniversary soon! I have an amazing career and a purpose in life and I know it will only continue to get better for me and for those around me.

The best part about it is that I don't consider myself having to learn to "live with this disease," because I don't have a disease!

I beat my addiction and I've found that others can too, if they want to.

L.C. – Narconon Graduate

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