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A Whole New Beginning   PDF  Print  Email 

This program gave me a whole new beginning.

My Name is Joe and I am a recent graduate of the Narconon program.

This program did not give me my life back nor did it give me anything back from the past.

Instead it gave me a whole new beginning.

Narconon showed me what I am really capable of.

They have faith in all people because we are all trying to make this a better world.

I began using pot and acid at the age of 14 and was drinking once a week.

As the years progressed I began selling pot in high school and still continued to smoke it, but now on a daily basis.

When I got to be 16 I started selling cocaine just to support my own habit. In order to support my progressing cocaine habit I started stealing money (a total of $14000) and pawning people's jewelry I stole or that they had stole to buy the cocaine.

When I was 17 I began smoking crack, which sent me in a pit fall to the evilest depths, where no man would ever want to venture. I began buying firearms thinking that this would protect me.

One day I was doing a sale and the guy, who I thought I knew quite well, shot me with a .22 caliber revolver and disappeared very quickly.

I then thought it might be time to lay selling down for awhile when I was almost 19.

I laid low for a while and then ended up getting myself involved with some guys that I knew from high school and we started partying when I was 19. We started going to clubs and selling ecstasy.

My relationship with my real friends and my family had diminished to almost nothing. Nobody really wanted me around because of the fact that all my life was one big lie.

I was not trustworthy and was always chasing the next hit. I was hanging out in the worst neighborhoods that one could imagine. I was consistently getting locked up because I kept failing my drug tests on felony probation.

My mother found Narconon on the Internet and mentioned it to me the last time that I was in jail. She then scheduled a visit with me and told me about Narconon. Two days later I was on the plane.

While I was at Narconon I learned how to control myself and how to communicate how I feel.

I was able to finally get everything I had ever done off my mind and freed my mind.

I figured out what integrity and power really is.

I learned how to evaluate myself at any time and how to keep myself achieving the highest level of survival.

While at Narconon I completely disconnected from the old crowd and began the reestablishment of my relationships in my family. My relationship, with them, is to a whole new level. They have told me on several occasions that the Joe they used to know long ago is back and he's back with perks.

I know that anything in life worth anything, you really have to work at it. Good things come to those who do positive and honest things.

I know what to look for in people so I know who to stay away from before they actually exhibit bad actions in front of me.

My mind which was stuck in the past is now pulled into the present time therefore I am not my own prisoner.

I went from being a teenage crack-head to a successful 20 year old doing this world a great service to make up for all the damage that I caused.

The sauna really worked, I felt all the drugs I had done come out of me and my mind and all senses got so much clearer.

The using days are over!

I don't even think about drugs and am powerful enough to say NO!

I have so much to be grateful for and I can now live an honest and productive life.

All of the staff at Narconon was there whenever I needed someone and they always showed me the answer.

That's another great thing about this place. They don't give you the answers they show them to you so that you will really get them and you're the one making all the progress.

All drug addicts have always had someone to hold them up and when there is no one to fall back on we fall on our face and wonder what happens.

I am also so independent now and it feels great.

I now have a clear body, mind and soul. Thanks Narconon.

J.R. - Narconon Graduate

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