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The following information was taken from "Fetanyl, the Last Straw" by Linda Logdbergh, PHD, published in Recovery Solutions 6th edition 770-516-8688.

"The headline from a Detroit, Michigan, newspaper reads, "A Deadly Heroin Mixture is Claiming Dozens of Lives." [NY Times May 28, 2006]

The lives were those of 64 people in Detroit, Michigan; 28 people in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and 30 people in Chicago, Illinois. [ASAM document;] All of these individuals had injected themselves with fentanyl, a drug that is chemically related to morphine and heroin but 50-80 times more powerful than morphine."

Fentanyl is a synthetic narcotic prescribed by doctors to relieve severe pain caused by diseases such as metastatic cancer.

It is obtained illegally by extracting the drug from the pain-relieving patches designed for patients in severe pain.

It is also available in lozenge or powder form. According to Ms. Logdbergh, "As yet, the police have not yet discovered the "pipeline" through which fentanyl flows form illegal manufacturer to user, and therefore can not interrupt it."

"An overdose of fentanyl (or other opioids) can cause fatal "hypoventilation", in the words of doctors. In the words of ordinary people, overdosing on these drugs can cause the user to stop breathing.

A person who abuses fentanyl is truly just one breath away from the last great experience of his life."


"With all of the drug's dangers, it might seem strange that anyone is willing to risk the consequences of illegal fentanyl use. "

"….. But where fentanyl is concerned, many drug users are not aware that the "pure" heroin or cocaine that they believe they are using, is not "pure" at all. It actually has been mixed ("cut") with fentanyl.

Heroin and cocaine are dangerous enough in themselves and physicians see many deaths each year due to overdoses.

When fentanyl is added, though, the risks of overdose and death increase substantially. "

"Sellers add fentanyl to heroin or cocaine to increase their profits or because the seller believes that the drug "cocktail" will offer additional psychological benefits. Experts call the fentanyl + street drug combination a "killer drug combination."

"Even illegal drug users are afraid of fentanyl.

One man, a 53-year-old addict named Larry, stated in a newspaper that, given the dangers of fentanyl, he now advises that no one should use drugs alone.

Always have someone there to "bring you back" in case of an overdose. [NYT, May 28, 2006] Another 27-year-old addict, Justin, says he is on a mission to warn people using fentanyl to stay away from the drug. [NYT, June 14, 2006]"

"….The damaging physiological effects of fentanyl overdose occur rapidly, often before the person can get to a treatment center or receive help from friends. And, because standard toxicology screening tests do not routinely look for fentanyl, precious time can be lost in the emergency department before the correct treatment is started even if a person reaches a doctor in time."

"You may have heard the expression "the straw that broke the camel's back" or "the last straw."

It's from an Arab proverb that describes how adding just one more straw to a camel's heavy load can cause the poor camel to collapse. Fentanyl is like this straw- adding it to an unknown mixture of drugs can tip a person' physiology over the edge, causing the collapse and even death of the user."

If a family member is buying heroin or cocaine on the street, the risk of overdose is now even greater because of the possibility that the drug is cut fentanyl.

Don't take any chances with someone you love.

Narconon of Georgia staff members are here to help walk you through an intervention or do what is necessary to get your family member here - NOW.

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