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Do You Know A Child In A Public School?   PDF  Print  Email 

Do you, a relative or your neighbor have a child who goes to a public school?

Would you like them to learn the truth about drugs and get LRH's tech on drugs?

That can happen. Our video drug education program is in over 6,500 schools throughout the U.S.

Why not ensure their school has this program?

Find out what you can do to make this happen in your area.

E-mail me back your name, phone number, which area you had in mind for the kit, and the age or ages of the children.

We want no stops to getting this data to the kids.

We cannot allow a generation of "drugged" beings to result from our failure to act.

Red Ribbon Drug Education Week is coming up in just a few weeks and it's far better that the schools receive the TRUE data on drugs vs who knows
what else might land in their laps.

Education is therapy.

We are "Changing minds and saving lives."

Contact me now.
Trissie Badger
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Friends of Narconon

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Here's what one of the kids in Hawaii had to say after viewing "Marijuana The Myth" video:

"Dear Mr. Mau, I really appreciated your sponsoring of the drug video. I think many teens learned from the presentation made by the teacher in the movie. There are to many people who have the wrong information concerning drugs, and it was time to get the true facts. I never knew that drugs will stay in your system for life! That really changed how I feel about drugs. You informed us on how drugs make you feel and gave us facts on the long term effects. Some people believe that Marijuana does not have a long term effect or stay in the system for a long time. After viewing your video we now have correct facts, and can make the right choices. I feel that the drug video was important to see, and I hope other young people can learn from it as I did. Sincerely, 10th Grader"

CALL TOLL FREE: 1-888-774-2345

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