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Narconon Drug Education

Friends of Narconon produces and distributes the Narconon Truth About Drugs video series. In addition to the videos, Friends of Narconon can provide live Truth About Drugs presentations to schools across America.

Overcoming Barriers

It is not a problem of providing an effective drug prevention program, Narconon staff and volunteers have been doing that for years. It is one of getting the program delivered, in enough volume, to really make a difference. The question is, "How can we reach enough kids faster than they are turning to drugs?" The answer came in 1995 when Friends of Narconon produced the first Truth About Drugs video presentation for Elementary School kids (Drug Education Series 1).

This video presentation empowered educators with up-to-date information on drug prevention in a way kids could relate to. Surveys from teachers and students have poured in from all over the country praising the video presentation and asking for more. Over the past 5 years, Friends of Narconon had more than 4,100 videos donated and sent to public schools in 49 states, reaching over 1 million students. By providing educators with the Narconon Drug Education program, in video form, hundreds of thousands of kids could be reached in a timely manner.

The Drug Education Video Curriculum

Current plans include putting the entire Narconon Drug Education curriculum onto video, for all grade levels - Elementary, Junior High & High School (15 presentations in all). The curriculum, when completed, will provide educators with all the successful tools of the Narconon Truth About Drugs presentations to be used as a supplement to any existing prevention program.

By providing accurate and up-to-date information to educators, using the video presentations, more kids can be reached in a cost-effective way.

The Narconon presentations are divided into several subjects, covering the basic information regarding alcohol and others drugs. These presentations are geared to the appropriate age groups and focus on the real-life situations that often lead to drug use. They cover topics like:

  • Marijuana - The Myth - How drugs affect the body
  • How drugs affect the mind
  • The media's role in tobacco, drug and alcohol abuse
  • Ecstasy - The Real Story
  • Achieving goals in life and their role in drug prevention
  • Peer pressure and resisting drug use

Meeting The Demand

The Narconon Drug Education program assists schools in meeting several criteria for US Department of Education Title IV (Safe and Drug Free Schools) funds:

By continually monitoring trends in youth substance abuse, the Narconon Drug Education program keeps pace with changing community needs. Presentations are real and reflect what kids are in fact going through.

The Narconon Drug Educator surveys presentations to generate information on changes in perception of risk, program efficacy, and for quality control. Schools are required to use strategies that provide evidence of prevention or reduction in drug use. The Narconon Drug Education program consistently obtains such results.


News and Topics of Interest

Here's what one of the kids in Hawaii had to say after viewing "Marijuana The Myth" video:

"Dear Mr. Mau, I really appreciated your sponsoring of the drug video. I think many teens learned from the presentation made by the teacher in the movie. There are to many people who have the wrong information concerning drugs, and it was time to get the true facts. I never knew that drugs will stay in your system for life! That really changed how I feel about drugs. You informed us on how drugs make you feel and gave us facts on the long term effects. Some people believe that Marijuana does not have a long term effect or stay in the system for a long time. After viewing your video we now have correct facts, and can make the right choices. I feel that the drug video was important to see, and I hope other young people can learn from it as I did. Sincerely, 10th Grader"

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