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Product Details: Clear Body Clear Mind


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We live in a chemically-oriented society. People in the United States are constantly exposed to chemical poisons such as illegal drugs, pesticides, preservatives in food, and more. The residues from these poisons store in fatty tissues and can stay in the body for years. They damage not only your health but your ability to think clearly.

The program described in Clear Body Clear Mind is the only scientific method that effectively eliminates toxins and drug residues along with their devastating effects.

This book provides a complete description of the New Life Detoxification Program developed by L. Ron Hubbard. It is the very method that is used in the Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program to rid the addict's body of drug residues, thus eliminating drug cravings.

Hundreds of thousands of people have done this program and live happier, more aware lives as a result.

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