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Marijuana Time Line
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History of Marijuana & Cannabis Time Line

Marijuana The Myth
Marijuana The Myth
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6000 B.C.

Cannabis seeds used for food in China

4000 B.C.
Textiles made of hemp are used in China. (Pharmacotheon)

2727 B.C.
First recorded use of cannabis as medicine in Chinese pharmacopoeia. In every part of the world humankind has used cannabis for a wide variety of health problems.

1500 B.C.
Cannabis cultivated in China for food and fiber

1500 B.C.
Scythians cultivate cannabis and use it to weave fine hemp cloth. (Sumach 1975)

1200-800 B.C.
Cannabis is mentioned in the Hindu sacred text Atharvaveda (Science of Charms) as "Sacred Grass", one of the five sacred plants of India. It is used by medicinally and ritually as an offering to Shiva.

700-600 B.C.
The Zoroastrian Zend-Avesta, an ancient Persian religious text of several hundred volumes, and said to have been written by Zarathustra (Zoroaster), refers to bhang as Zoroaster's "good narcotic" (Vendidad or The Law Against Demons)

700-300 B.C.
Scythian tribes leave Cannabis seeds as offerings in royal tombs.

500 B.C.
Scythian couple die and are buried with two small tents covering censers. Attached to one tent stick was a decorated leather pouch containing wild Cannabis seeds. This closely matches the stories told by Herodotus. The grave site, discovered in the late 1940s, was in Pazryk, northwest of the Tien Shan Mountains in modern-day Khazakstan.

500 B.C.
Hemp is introduced into Northern Europe by the Scythians. An urn containing leaves and seeds of the Cannabis plant, unearthed near Berlin, is dated to about this time.

500-100 B.C.
Hemp spreads throughout northern Europe.

430 B.C.
Herodotus reports on both ritual and recreation use of Cannabis by the Scythians (Herodotus The Histories 430 B.C. trans. G. Rawlinson).

100 B.C.-0
The psychotropic properties of Cannabis are mentioned in the newly compiled herbal Pen Ts'ao Ching which is attributed to an emperor c. 2700 B.C.

0-100 A.D.
Construction of Samartian gold and glass paste stash box for storing hashish, coriander, or salt, buried in Siberian tomb.

70 A.D.
Dioscorides mentions the use of Cannabis as a Roman medicament.

170 A.D.
Galen (Roman) alludes to the psychoactivity of Cannabis seed confections.

500-600 A.D.
The Jewish Talmud mentions the euphoriant properties of Cannabis. (Abel 1980)

900-1000 A.D.
Scholars debate the pros and cons of eating hashish. Use spreads throughout Arabia.

1090-1256 A.D.
In Khorasan, Persia, Hasan ibn al-Sabbah, the Old Man of the Mountain, recruits followers to commit assassinations...legends develop around their supposed use of hashish. These legends are some of the earliest written tales of the discovery of the inebriating powers of Cannabis and the supposed use of Hashish. 1256 Alamut falls

Cannabis is introduced in Egypt during the reign of the Ayyubid dynasty on the occasion of the flooding of Egypt by mystic devotees coming from Syria. (M.K. Hussein 1957 - Soueif 1972)

Early 1200s
Hashish smoking very popular throughout the Middle East.

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